The people Who Make Madness Pictures What it is!



There’s method behind Andre’s madness. Don’t believe us? Check out In the Mind of Madness, his feature for Video Team, with its Twilight Zone-esque feel, or the witty set-ups in Kick Ass Pictures’ Chica Boom and Grrl Power! lines.

“I can’t re-invent the way sex has been shot, but I can make a movie with a creative and sensual lead into sex,” he said. “I gain new ideas every day that can challenge the barriers between tease and sex.”

Madness’ initial experience in video production came from the mainstream industry. He eventually crossed over into porn, making his debut with Elegant Angel’s The Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 8. He then took a sales position at another adult company, but realizing his true calling was shooting – rather than selling – sex, he went back to directing with Video Team. These days, he freelances as a hired gun.

Madness said Patrick Collins, head of Elegant Angel, remains his chief influence.

“He was very big on wanting good tease, and tease has played a big part in my movies,” he said. “It used to be that I wanted to go straight to sex, but after watching Patrick work I gained appreciation for the tease before the sex.”

He also draws inspiration from Nic Andrews, and credits Andrews’ help for allowing him to develop his talent.

Madness is looking forward to directing more tapes for Video Team, Kick Ass Pictures and Elegant Angel GM Dion Giarrusso’s production company, Volcanic Pictures. For the time being, some of Madness’ best work (besides the ones listed above) can be spotted on Video Team’s first three volumes of Something Fo’ Yo’ Mouth and New Sensations’ Twisted Sex Stories.

For his originality and his ability to capture the sort of scalding sex that sends cocks, and chart numbers, skyward, stock this guy and stock him big


Written by Wayne Hentai for AVN Magazine